TV Wall Mounts – Optimal Viewing Distance

When you are searching for a specific wall mount you need to be specific about the title that you are searching for. This is also true about any additional specifications you need to make to identify a specific product. If you are going to make a search with wild cards you will get the result from different brands. If you are too specific you can make use of a focus keyword. Also making use of a plural terminology is likely lead you to the main category and provides you a display of all models under the umbrella. 

Height of the Sofa Seating

The seating of theTV wall mounts are made considering the height of the sofa seating. The eye level applicable for an adult sitting in the sofa is also taken in to consideration. With the eye level of a relaxed viewer to be around 24 inches and the height of the sofa set at 18 inches, the optimal height for better viewing is considered to be at 18 inches. Check this link to find out more details.

Using Appropriate Drilling Pattern

A monitor wall mount is installed after making a clear mark on the levels by making use of a pencil mark. Pilot holes are drilled by making use of the appropriate drilling pattern. It is important to make use of the correct size bracket. There are brackets that fit a range of TVs. If the TV has a base it is important to remove the base before attaching it to the mount. It is important to work by keeping the flat screen facing upwards according to some owner’s manual and guidance that tells about the suitable tv wall mounts. If you do not want to mount the TV on the wall, you need to make use of a TV stand on wheels.

Screws Plugged in the Holes

The bracket is placed on the four holes that is seen behind the TV. The screws that are plugged in the holes need to be removed before placing them on the TV Wall Mounting Brackets. When the mount is being screwed to the TV, it is important to ensure that the bracket is facing the correct direction. The bolts are tightened using a screw driver. The washers that come with the bracket can be used to establish a tight fit. After this the flat screen can be mounted on the wall. You have to ensure that you have established an even and level mounting in the process.May be if you want to hide your cords, you need to be drilling holes accordingly. You do not want your cords to be tricking down the TV and therefore it makes sense to hide the cords.