Keep Them Away And Have Maximum Energy

Although solar panels are made to resist all kinds of harsh weather, there are still loopholes that can cause damage to them. Houses and places that are entirely running on solar panels have to be cautious of all the damage birds can cause.

Predicament situations:

Most of the time people have an idea in their minds, the installation of solar panels is the only thing to do when they want to have no electricity bill in their mailbox. It should be clearly remembered; all the man-made items require care and attention for them to work properly for years otherwise you will lose money to nothing, but troubles cause by certain driving forces.


Mesh to prevent landing:

One must take all the required measurements to keep away problematic factors away from their solar panels. Although birds are full of innocence if they try to settle on your rooftop because if they can spot out a safe place to build a nest then, know that your entire solar system is in danger. Installation of bird mesh for solar panels is one of the easiest solutions for the situation for people with a small area to cover.

Pesky mites:

These birds often have mites in living in their feathers. These are translucent and are tiny enough to not to be spotted easily. These tiny creatures crawl their way to any place they find. These may not seem a huge problem but, if their number is out of control, they will enter the house and cause various health issues. For them to be removed then you would have to call experts who can perform ideal bird mite removal. If you see birds on your roof, ensure that you get it done because one cannot judge from a distance whether they have mites or not.

Bird droppings:

Bird dropping may not seem a huge problem and they are not if taken care of on time. One must understand that bird dropping is harmful to the material on the roof. It will make the bricks porous over time. Metals like copper, aluminium, zinc and iron can also be easily damaged by waste products of birds. These must be clean regularly as they can cause other harmful insects to start living in the place. Then, of course, roof sight is unpleasant with their presence.


High quality bird proof solar panels are necessary. For this purpose, there are two main reasons. First, they damage the system. Second, in the process of building a nest and trying to find shelter birds often die. The sunlight reflecting from the panels have caused many birds to crash land and lose their lives. According to research, several bird species are in danger and many have already extinct.